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Viking Taxi Meters From £175.00

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VIKING Approved Taxi Meters  DOE Approved
Speed Camera Detectors

Taxi Meters NI

CityComm supplies taximeters like the Viking 5 for rental or purchase.
The Viking 5 is approved to be used throughout Northern Ireland, UK, and Europe.

Taxi Meters with a printing facility are to become a legal requirement.


  • Size 148mm x 39mm x 20mm deep.
  • Up to 50 tariffs with up to 5 up/down lifts per tariff.
  • Clock calender control with semi-auto and 7 seater options.
  • Five year guarantee
  • 3 sets of driver accounts with pin number for each driver.
  • Auto shut down for power saving.
  • Can display the distance & duration during a fare.
  • Printer and data outputs.
  • PCB is conformal coated to DEF-STAN 59/47.
  • Chip-less re-tariffs and retariff at a set date.


Speed Camera Detectors

Novus Piccolo speed camera detector uses GPS technology to warn of speed cameras.
Novus Piccolo then announces the legal speed limit with voice alerts.


  • Warnings of Fixed camera including Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS, Speedmaster and DS2
  • Warning of Red Light cameras
  • Warnings of Possible Mobile sites
  • Warnings of accident black spots
  • Audible and visual alerts, with Overspeed Warning. Visual LED (1 Green, 5 Red)
  • Timed warning of Congestion Charge Zone
  • UK Database
  • Small and discreet
  • Easy “Plug and Play” dashboard mounting system
  • Accident Black Spot Positions.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Easily transferable between vehicles (extra mounts available).
  • Comprehensive UK speed camera database collated by experienced ex-Traffic Police.
  • Includes USB update cable for speed cameras updates.
  • 2 Years manufacturers warranty.

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Data Sims and M2M Now available from as little as £1.50. per Mth. Full network roaming, These sims are ideal for Tracking units. Taxi PDA systems and also Fixed Data head Sim systems. For details Email office@citycommradios.com