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Taxi PDA Dispatch Booking Systems. Northern ireland .

Our Taxi Booking system provides a complete solution to all your day to day taxi office running needs helping you streamline you business from booking and dispatch to invoicing, reporting and driver management tools. It is fast and easy to use, robust and logical. It will make your booking and dispatch efficient, reliable and accurate. It will transform your business by eliminating many repetitive tasks saving you hours of ad hoc work.

Not only will you save on the administration costs but also have a powerful marketing tool at your fingertips to help you attract new business. A variety of value added functionalities has been implemented to empower the booking handling process and provide easy and powerful management and reporting tools.

Taxi Booking Systems from CityComm

CityComm will supply, install, and offer long term support for these taxi booking systems. Data Dispatch Systems (DDS) are taxi booking systems for the PC which integrate with driver PDAs. Vital Soft make it very easy to take a customer booking, and send it on to a driver.

CityComm has a number of PDA,s which are suitable for use by taxi drivers, such as the HTC HD2 (which have a large touch screen). Our PDAs work with CMS Vital Soft taxi booking software, and you can send your booking information straight from your Taxi Depot to the driver of your choice.

Our system also has text back , Auto Dispatch, and also will tell you how long it will take the driver to drive to the pick up.


See the VitalSoft Mobile Taxi Booking System in operation Software From  £7  Per CAR PER WEEK INCLUDING PDA..

Data, and Text Sim cards,  also available call us for prices 07836 613028

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Taxi Booking System and Installation Service | Key Features

  1. Easy to use control screen
  2. Full address and postcode look-up. Caller ID
  3. Comprehensive monitoring of job status and progress
  4. Easy access to customer detail
  5. Automation of regular bookings
  6. Booking App.
  7. flexible and automated pricing of jobs based on; vehicle, distance, specific journeys, customer, time of day.
  8. Instant job quotes and auto-generated price lists
  9. Instant lookup of existing and previous work by customer, driver, type of job, invoice.
  10. The most reliable and intelligent booking and manual Dispatch system on the market.
  11. Hassle-free customer and driver invoicing, with fully customizable print output.
  12. Built in maps for Manual Dispatch, route estimation, and price support for running multiple fleets from a single office.
  13. Full support for passenger operator licensing requirements (e.g. P.C.O. and similar), stores all relevant driver details and vehicle history
  14. Built in report generator
  15. Comprehensive accounts/billing system – the best in the business
  16. Automatic tracking and management of Street Jobs
  17. Driver/Vehicle Document tracking and expiry enforcement, for insurance, MOT, Payments
  18. Detailed audit trail of Drivers and Call takers activities
  19. Built-in nationwide address database
  20. Controlled user level security governing access to all areas of the system
  21. First class customer care and back-up package

CityComm also supplies Taxi Radios to Belfast and Northern Ireland, as well as Taxi Meters, which will become a legal requirement in Northern Ireland in the near future. Our prices are unbeatable, contact us for a free quote.

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