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Two Way Hand Portable Radios From £95.00

CityComm Telematics has been supplying two way radio systems to across Northern Ireland for decades. We provide radios for all purposes, be it taxi communications, security, communication between different branches of your business or organisation. We are reputable, being licensed by ofcom and having supplied everyone from local government to local taxi drivers. Taxi radios in Belfast. We offer a range of well known, high quality brands and are Northern Ireland’s licensed dealers for Maxon Radios. We also supply and service Motorola, Tait, and Icom .

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Nabishi Digital Radios
Budget Handhelds
Mobile Radios/ Two Way Radios


Handheld: Maxon SL1000


Handheld: Maxon SL1000 Series

The SL1000 series is easy to operate, and has been designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use.
The design incorporates both dust and water protection, which helps make the SL1000 both robust and reliable.
The SL1000 is the perfect, low cost voice communication tool for many industries including:
Police, Fire, Ambulance, Railways, Security & Construction firms and Retail outlets.
It is also the perfect choice for hire applications.
The unit is supplied with a Li-Ion battery, which will provide for many hours of continuous operation without the need to re-charge.
Li-Ion batteries are very lightweight, and do not suffer from the “memory effect” exhibited by traditional Ni-Mh batteries.
The SL1000 is also supplied with a rapid charger.

  • Rugged Construction – 16 channels with scanning
  • Powerful 1500mAh Li-Ion battery – Enhanced clear audio
  • Compact, lightweight design – Emergency signalling.
  • Password protect – Two year warranty – Wide accessory range

£100.00 *
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Budget Handheld

nabishi budget

Budget Handheld: Nabishi

These aren’t just walkie talkies, they are low cost, very effective radios.
Suitable for people who need the functionality of a proper two way radio
but are limited by their budget, such as doormen, or event security.
These radios are available for purchase or hire, and are a good choice
of radio to hire for events which are under budget constraints.
At CityComm we offer budget handheld two way radios for as low as

£89.00 *
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Two Way Radios: Maxon PM200


Two Way Radio: Maxon PM200

208 Channels- Programable function key
Selcall – Conventional radio Operation
9 Character display with icon
Programmable output power(25W/2W)
Programmable 12.5/25KHz channel spacing
Programmble On/Off hook function
Talk Around – Scanning – Priority Scanning
Look Back – Scan list editing – CTCSS / 23bit DCS
Selective Call – Busy channel lockout – Time-out timer
SMS(Short Message Service) – DTMF
Public Address (PA) Speaker Jack – Emergency Call

FREQUENCY RANGE U2 440-470MHz V2 148-174MHz CHANNELS 208
CHANNEL SPACING 12.5kHz/25kHz (programable per channel)
RF OUTPUT 25 W nominal (+/-10%)
DIMENSIONS 175 x 158 x 48 mm – WEIGHT 1.44 kgs
OPERATION simplex, half duplex
POWER SUPPLY 13.8V DC nominal
AUDIO POWER 4W (internal 16Ohm speaker)

£149.00 *
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citycomm rental package

Rental Package

All our radio systems are available for long or short term hire.
We hire out to customers for various events and functions.
Existing systems can easily be supplemented by hired radios subject to requirements.
We also offer solutions such as repeater stations placed in strategically high locations, which can enhance the coverage of mobile or hand portable units to cover great distances.

Our competitive prices and excellent customer care will ensure you get the best possible solution for your business needs.
A breakdown of our rental prices is listed below:

Base Station:
£20.00 per month
(FREE when renting a minimum of 10 mobiles)

Additional mobile radios:
£10.00 each per month
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