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black code vehicle remapping and tuning

CityComm is Northern Ireland’s approved dealer of Black-Code Remapping. We offer remapping services to customers in Belfast and the whole of Northern Ireland. We can remap your car, motorbike, van, truck, or entire fleet – you will not find a better service or a better price. We can also offer a mobile remapping service.

What is remapping? Why would I want a remap?

Engine (ECU) Remapping, also known as tuning and in the past as performance chipping,  is effectively tuning up your vehicle to operate to its full potential. You will see an increase in performance, fuel economy, or both. The data on your personal Engine Control Unit (ECU), which controls things like performance and fuel economy,  is rewritten by remapping experts to make your vehicle more efficient. The reason there is an improvement in because the ECU of your car is programmed in a standard way that can be applied worldwide  – for example, it is programmed to account for the poor fuel quality in other parts of the world, and by remapping your vehicle you can make sure it is functioning as well as it possibly can.

What kind of increases can you expect?

  • Performance: up to 35% more power and increase torque
  • Economy: up to 15% better fuel economy. Lower CO2 emissions.
  • increase power & Torque
  • Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Lower You carbon footprint

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty. Interested in having your vehicle(s) remapped? Contact us.

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