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Vehicle Fleet & Asset Tracking NI. FROM £11.90 per Mth.

Track your Fleet from £11.90 per mth per Vehicle

Track your Fleet from £11.90 per mth per Vehicle

It’s important to know where your property is, and what it’s being used for. With one of our tracking devices you can keep an eye on your car, locate your vehicles, and track any of your assets. Located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, CityComm provides Asset Tracking devices and plans to customers across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We are leading providers of vehicle tracking systems in Northern Ireland (vehicle tracking ni). We know what customers need, and our prices will beat any of our competitors.

We have tracking devices for every type of vehicle, and other devices which can be fitted almost anything, be it a child or commercial goods. With each device, we can offer various tracking plans suitable for all situations. These devices use satellites and the GPRS mobile network to provide live GPS tracking. These devices are built with useful features such as: the ability to view past journeys, set up “geofences” which will alert you when your device has entered or exited a zone/area which you have defined, text & email alerts, and many more. Now available From £11.90 per mth. Free Unit. and only £20 set up per unit. 

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Asset Management & Fleet Tracking

A successful business needs to be efficient. By installing a tracking device onto your fleet, you are able to track driver activity (idling, for example), receive reports on the utilization of your fleet – with this information you can make your business more economically efficient.

Quartix GPS Vehicle Tracking. Suitable for businesses and organisations with large vehicle fleets. Fleet tracking is extremely valuable as it allows you to monitor your drivers behavior and whether they are abusing , monitor the efficiency of your fleet – see how it is being utilised, armed with this information you can make your business or organisation more efficient. CityComm can offer special discounts on Quartix vehicle tracking.

We also supply other Fleet Tracking  devices and plans from suppliers such as Box Telematics. If you are a Northern Ireland based business or organisation and you already have asset tracking installed onto your fleet/assets, we will be able to be able to offer you a better deal. Contact us for more information.


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Security Based Tracking/Anti-Theft

One obvious reason to invest in a vehicle tracking system is to protect against theft – hundreds of thousands of cars and other vehicles are stolen every year in Europe. Often cars stolen in the UK are quickly taken away to Europe – that’s why we offer plans which cover continental Europe.  By installing tracking devices onto your vehicles you can recover your vehicle, and you won’t have to worry about insurance issues.

We supply a range of devices which enable you to protect your property and assets against theft – from plant vehicles (construction sites are typically insecure), to trailers, to boats and everything in between. Our tracking devices implement sophisticated technologies to ensure that they cannot be tampered with (ie disabled) by criminals. We can supply both Thatcham approved and non-Thatcham approved devices depending on the needs of your situation.

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Covert / Private Tracking

We have supplied various security forces and private investigators with devices which are effectively undetectable and will allow you keep track of suspicious activities. These devices are completely legal. If you suspect your vehicle is being used without your knowledge, or for questionable purposes, we can supply you with such a device.

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Some of our tracking devices…

CityComm Trackit247
24/7 Tracking from CityComm – A tracking unit for all occasions,  suitable for anything from your car to your child. This is a battery powered device which works right out of the box.
Quartix – Fleet Tracking and Asset Management. Suitable for large organisations and businesses. As licensed providers in Northern Ireland, We offer special discounts on Quartix.
Box Telematics  – Some good, affordable devices which are suitable for individual use as well as fleet tracking and asset management purposes. Currently not Thatcham approved.
Tracker – All Tracker products are Thatcham approved – full insurance.
Quartix – Fleet Tracking and Asset Management. Suitable for large organisations and businesses.

Contact Us with your enquiries about vehicle tracking. Unit cost £109 and £10.99 per Mth.

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